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Building a subscriber list? If not, this is why it needs to be a priority

Do you have an email marketing system in place? Are you capturing contact details from website visitors? If not, I suggest you change your focus right now!

If you have a business website, you have website visitors. Some of these will be past customers or current customers but many people visiting are potential customers.

So how do you convert these visitors into paying customers?

If someone is genuinely interested in what you offer then you need to capture their attention by offering them something for free (an answer to a question they have, information that resolves a pain point in their life or a discount code for first their first purchase). When they take up this offer they provide an email address.

Now this website visitor has become a subscriber!

Your subscriber list is where you need to focus to increase sales. They are people who are interested in who you are or what you have to offer, and they are likely to purchase from you if you can solve a problem for them.

Once you have a subscriber base, you can develop email marketing campaigns offering them more useful information and hopefully converting them into a paying customer.

This is the process of building a subscriber list - the key to increasing your sales.

Building a subscriber list is important for all businesses whether you operate solely online or a bricks and mortar business. The way you approach building the list will be different and you have to think carefully about the sales funnel via emails but the process is the same.

This email collection system doesn't need to be complicated but should be an important focus for all business owners.

So where do you start if you haven't got this system in place?

  1. Collate all your current customers contact details into one spreadsheet.

  2. Sign up for an email marketing/customer retention marketing (CRM) system. There are a lot available. A well known, easy to use and FREE option to start with is Mail Chimp.

  3. Add your current customers into the system.

  4. Decide on an offer that will encourage people to provide their email details. Customers in a shop might just be interested in receiving updates however offering them a 10% discount on their next shop might get more interest. Online, you can offer an eBook, tips, worksheet or something useful for your customer and related to your business.

  5. Now this is the tricky part if you aren't tech-savvy, if you are an online business you need to add subscriber boxes on your website for people to provide their email address and an automated system so they receive their freebie.

  6. An email template will also need to be designed and you can start reaching out regularly to subscribers with updates, news and offers.

A simple email system like this doesn't need to cost you a lot, once set-up you can start teaching yourself or a staff member how to use it. Consistently communicating with a growing number of people interested in your business will increase sales if you do it right.

If you want to start capturing email addresses and marketing to potential customers, email me, and let's discuss how you can get it set up fast. It's one of the most important marketing tools you can have for your business!

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